Teachers Manual


In case of issues like: you cannot access the building, room is taken, anything that requires an intervention - message Mireia on Slack (@mireia is the handle).

Team Organisation

  • there are at least 2 teachers present at each class - leading teacher and supporting teacher
  • leading teacher is reponsible for:
    • preparing class content
    • preparing slides
    • communication with students regarding topic he is teaching
    • updating site with all relevant content
    • sending a survey after class is over
    • sharing the survey with all the other teachers
  • supporting teacher is there mainly for students to help them with exercises. Supporting teacher should be active - rather than waiting for students calling her, she should watch students and step in when appropriate
  • supporting teacher tracks the attendance using Redi Attendance App
  • since we often do not see each other in the class, make sure to participate in discussions on Slack - set up notifications, check Slack once in a while (the best daily) as we may need to adjust the plan, modify the content, react on issues that are time to time popping up.

How to communicate with students?

  • students should know what are the topics for next lessons - this is somewhat solved by the table of contents on the site but still it would be good to notify them on Slack about the topic and relevant content they should go through before classes
  • slides and all the resources should be put on the site - the best before class starts, the worse after class is over - it's important that students can go back to the site and go through what they've been learning again
  • do not use technical jargon - avoid introducing concepts and terms that are not relevant to the subject that students are not familiar yet with - it makes things unneccesarily complex and shifts focus to irrelevant things
  • collect feedback - it will happen that students will not understand the topic, it will happen that things will be explained too fast. We have to know about it and follow up, either by coming back to the topic during classes or by sending more material, making videos, writing article - anyting that makes sense


  • live coding is better than slides - but slides may be the best way to explain completely new concepts in a visual way
  • all the theory is already there in the internet - we have to focus on exercises - the more exercises the better
  • video/screencast where you explain again the lesson is a great way to let students go again through the material
  • keep the lesson lean - less content but slowly and well explained is better than going quickly through too many things
  • lessons should have logical order - skills aquired in one lesson should be used in next lessons. It's not always possible but we should have it at least in mind
  • provide links to websites/videos/exercises where students can learn more about the subject


  • each class should end with at least one homework - the best many of them. The most ambitious students will want to spend couple of hours between each class and they have to have something to work on.
  • as a leading teacher ask students to send homeworks to you directly via Slack and give them feedback: what is good, what can be improved and how can be improved
Last Updated: 1/28/2019, 4:34:44 PM