18 - Exceptions II



  • define custom exceptions
  • use custome exception to control program error flow


Hint: read input from user

Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in);
String userInput = scanner.nextLine();


Exercise 1 - Define simple Exception to check phone number provided by the user . if the length is less than 14 digits and doesnt start with plus.

then trow InvalidPhoneNumberException

  • In your main method, use a Scanner to get a user input, and check the above conditions

Exercise 2 - read Student properties (first name, last name, age , course) from user conole input as above throw customized exceptions in the below cases

  • first name lenght is below 3 characters
  • last name length is below 3 characters
  • age is less than zero

Excercise 3 - lets create a simple (Rock, Paper, Scissor) .if you dont know the game here are the rule

  • Rock beats Scissor
  • Scissor beats Paper
  • Paper beats Rock so the game asks the user to choose from inputs( R, P, S) and then the computer play a random choice from the three options. and the program should calculate the final result as per above ruls your program should utilize the use exceptions that we learned so far

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