23 - JSON



  • learn to read and represent Json in Java
  • understand the mapping of Json to Java data types
  • a bit more on Json vs XML vs CSV


Let's design and implement together a data structure that can represent the following Json files.

{ "employees": [
	{"id": "4A5GHJ29", "name": "Michele Palmia", "salary": 24000, "location": "Berlin", "qualifications_ids": [1, 5, 28]}
	{"id": "58FG5H75", "name": "Ahmed Karessli", "salary": 28000, "location": "London", "qualifications_ids": [23, 5, 99]}
	{"id": "58FG5H75", "name": "Zineb Graf", "salary": 27500, "location": "Barcelona", "qualifications_ids": [27, 54, 103]}
	{"id": "4A5GHJ29", "name": "Jonas Oh", "salary": 30000, "location": "Berlin", "qualifications_ids": [1, 22, 27]}
  1. Can you think of a different way to organize this data? Which other data structure would that need?
  2. Which utility functions could be added to our object to make life easier to the programmer coming next?
  3. Let's design some of them!
  4. Can we print the employees out as XML?


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